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 A Proven Exercise for Collaboration, Alignment, Leadership and Implementation of

Optimized Performance.

Join the Tens of Thousands Who Have Already Discovered How to Accelerate Productivity, Communication and Collaboration with this

Team Building Masterpiece

The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine
THE world-class exercise on inter-team collaboration

"Dig where the gold is, unless you are just looking for exercise!"

Dutchman gives your group:

  • Access to a powerful and proven team-building event that plays with organizations of all kinds

  • Energy and enthusiasm from participants

  • A solid instructional design with outstanding debriefing qualities

  • Unprecedented brainstorming and mastermind opportunities resulting in tangible ideas for better communications, teamwork and leadership.

When it comes to team building, most businesses either don’t have the time to focus on it or choose strategies that lack the creativity to keep team members engaged.

The result? A continuation of the status quo, which is unacceptable.

"Dutchman" is a blast. In fact, surveyed users tell us that there is no other exercise that is as engaging and effective (and this game is used worldwide!).

Over the past 25 years, Dutchman has entertained and enlightened thousands of participants worldwide and we have the testimonials to prove it.


Turn up your speakers and watch this brief but informative video on how the game is played:

Let’s explore how it all works and what you can expect:

Take a look at this flyer outlining how Dutchman works. Download it here.

Get a pictorial overview of the play of the game by clicking here.

Want to cut to the chase? Just call or email me your current
situation and desired outcomes and we’ll roll up our sleeves:

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If you are a user of Eagle Flight's Gold of the Desert Kings, you will quickly discover that Dutchman is faster, simpler, better, cleaner, and so much more budget friendly.

Click Here to read a Comparison of GDK and Dutchman

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​Picture this:

Your teams find themselves in modern-day Southwestern United States in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.

Outfitted in Cowboy hats and colorful bandannas, teams go on a search for gold from the famous Lost Dutchman's Mine, first discovered by Jacob Waltz in the 1860s and lost in the Phoenix flood of 1891.

The exercise focuses on inter-table collaboration as its main outcome but there are some tremendous side benefits such as:

  • Motivation

  • Strategy implementation

  • Communications

  • Leadership enhancement

...and other critical organizational issues.


Team size is 5 or 6 people and there is no limit to the number of teams/participants.

We've successfully delivered sessions for groups ranging from 8 to 800+.

Not sure if your group is a good fit? Check out the wide range of Dutchman participants:

  • Senior managers at multi-national corporations

  • Shop floor personnel in manufacturing plants

  • Executives at international conferences

  • Employees at every level in organizations

  • Health Care professionals and organizations

  • Educational institutions use it for teaching learning and thinking skills and personality inventories

This exercise is truly outstanding for a highly interactive morning or afternoon event.

In 3 to 4 hours, participants get to play and then fully debrief the event and discuss real opportunities for improvement.

It functions very well as a full-day program within a conference or as a specific training event on team building, leadership and collaboration.

Many organizations use it in multi-day training and leadership development programs.

Quite frankly, you can use your own imagination and cater Dutchman to your group’s specific challenges and desired outcomes. It’s that flexible.

Click on one of the icons at the above right to purchase the game version to suit your different training needs and price points! 
​ ​
Don’t confuse Lost Dutchman with Gold of The Desert Kings!

Dutchman is better in every way and we can prove it. Just check out this detailed comparison.


Still on the fence about bringing Dutchman to your group?
Let’s explore all the benefits:


  • Delivery can be accomplished in 3.5 hours, with 90+ minutes focused on debriefing.

  • It works with any size group of more than 12 people; you can even scale it to dozens of teams of 5 to 6 people each.

  • The exercise clearly shows the value of cross-functional / interdepartmental teamwork / collaboration and the importance of alignment to shared goals and expectations.

  • Unlike some exercises, Dutchman focuses on SUCCESS and every team is successful; teams who plan and collaborate are more successful than the others but all teams contribute measurably to overall group results. There are no winners and losers; only hands-on Learners!

  • It provides a clear, crucial understanding as to how collaboration increases ROI and measured results.

  • It is straightforward and simple to deliver and does not require extensive facilitation experience. Managers can be easily taught how to deliver and debrief the program for their work groups. Senior leadership can visibly support inter-team collaborative interactions as part of a cultural-improvement or engagement initiative.

Plus, Dutchman is packaged with extensive debriefing materials (PowerPoint files, handouts, worksheets) leading to highly interactive discussions about:


  • Leadership and alignment

  • Strategic planning and project management

  • Motivating and engaging people

  • Collaboration and innovation

  • People and performance

Here’s the bottom line:

Dutchman is a business-improvement game designed for a powerful and flexible debriefing.


It has been PMC's flagship team building simulation since 1993, and has been helping all kinds of organizations on a global scale, resulting in dramatic improvements in communication, collaboration, leadership, resource management and team dynamics.

During game play, teams experience issues common to workplaces.

The debriefing links individual and team behaviors to workplace improvement opportunities critical to optimizing results.

Dutchman is energizing, visual and highly interactive, producing an excellent learning environment that is acclaimed for its extensive debriefing materials with solid learning outcomes and a focus on implementation.

Your organization can be the next success story!

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Rental of Dutchman

In some situations, it makes sense to rent the Lost Dutchman exercise rather than to purchase. The rental version is packaged with all the support and materials you'll need for delivery. It can also be customized to meet any special needs (this may be at an additional cost depending on the specific situation). Prices start at $1000 for 36 people (6 teams) and a chart is provided on the Rental page for other group sizes.

Dutchman Team Building Game
Lost Dutchman Team Building Game
The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine Team Building Game

Click on a version below for more information or to purchase:

Learn more below about renting Dutchman

for your event.

Just wanted to let you know we delivered this yesterday at our annual recharge. It was fabulous!  Interactive, fun, insightful and lots of learning...that's part of our brand at Science North so a perfect fit. Debrief was "awesome" and fit so well as we prepare to launch our new strategic plan which has as one of its key priorities an "Awesome Organizational Culture" goal. Great team building tool; well worth the investment.

I can't think of a better way to have kicked off our re-charge!

Denise Fera

Science North, Canada