Square Wheels Icebreaker Animation

 A Fun, Quick Way to Inspire Communications and Ideas

The gist behind this icebreaker is a 40-second stop-motion animation that works to generate engagement and involvement. You show people the video and then ask them for their reactions which leads to thinking, talking and considering possibilities based on their interpretations of the animation.

Uses for this Icebreaker Animation: 

  • It fits well into discussions about the workplace and performance improvement ideas.

  • It works as a team-bonding type of conversation tool as it allows people to interact and share perspectives focused on their workplace.

  • It enables team building as people build on ideas about what changes might be implemented as a team in their workplace.

  • It sets up a scenario in which innovative ideas can occur for change and improvement.

  • It can be an emotional intelligence kind of experiential learning exercise that will improve the interactions of your people in a simple way. 

  • It can be used to easily "break the ice" to get people talking, relaxing and laughing with no expectations required.



Our Wagons roll on Square Wheels but the Round ones are already available if we can only see things differently. And, things are always changing so let’s toss around ideas and possibilities and have an engaging time in the process!

We’ve been creating Square Wheels illustrations / images as a communications tool since 1993 and have packaged them in a wide variety of formats and packages for special purposes.

For only $9.95, You get a complete Toolkit that includes:


  • THREE documents containing facilitation ideas and frameworks


  • Powerpoint slides with a watermark-free high-resolution animation along with slides to prompt discussions

  • Unlimited use of the animation and ideas within

Break the ice, uniquely, by showing the animation and then getting people involved and connected as they share their perspectives and ideas around what they see. It is quickly entertaining and enlightening and works seamlessly!


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