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A complete package, ready to use with up to 4 teams or 24 people!

The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, Version 4 (LD-4)

PMC's flagship team building simulation is based on a story about a lost mine from the 1890s in the southwestern United States. It's designed so that normal human behavior and its links to the workplace become apparent as participants gain significant and usable insights from the play, discussion and relevant debriefing. Easily targeted to your desired outcomes.
Dutchman superbly demonstrates the importance of:
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Communications
  • Planning
  • Leadership
  • Productivity
Used worldwide, you'll find it to be:
  • Easy to deliver
  • Fun & Energizing
  • An outstanding learning tool
  • Flexible
  • A one-time cost for unlimited use
LD-4 is a PowerPoint cd edition for 2 to 4 teams of 6 people each (24 players maximum). The main theme is to "Mine as Much Gold as WeCan" and "to Maximize Return on Investment" of the Expedition Leader. Teams are encouraged to work together. Bundled with a variety of orientation and training materials, delivery instructions and checklists enabling you to run the game "unsupported" by PMC.


  • CD of LD-4 for Presentation and Debriefing (This CD includes various PowerPoint and informational files for preparation and suggestions for play, training support files, handouts and worksheets, etc.)
  • Laminated Team Forms (8 different forms)
  • Grub Stake and Team Form Envelopes
  • Game Board Posters (17" x 22")
  • Resource Cards
  • Weather Forecasts (Days 5, 10 and 15)
  • DVD-cased informational "Videos" (case, inserts and cards)
  • Tracking Maps
  • Results Summaries
  • Toy binoculars, sheriff's badges, foam cell phones and bendable figures and ideas of other possibilities (for tabletop fun!)
  • Participant Magnets with: "The Goal is to Mine as much Gold as We Can!"

With its "Modern Western" theme, it's easy to add other accessories such as wall posters, oil lamps, plastic cactus, old saddles, wooden fences and fencing posts and many other things.

A simple way to accessorize is to provide cowboy hats and/or colorful bandannas for each participant. We find people get a kick out these inexpensive add-ons.



This is an additional and simple framework that enables you to position the teams for an even higher level of collaboration during play. With the addition of an alternative "Mine Video" into the mix, teams receive different, optimizing information and resources that they can choose to share with other teams (or not). The other teams, having this information, can mine more gold each day.

This Option of play creates a minor amount of additional paperwork that quantifys the added impact of collaboration as well as its timing during play. It allows you to show the teams the collaboration that did occur to better optimize results and timing. It adds more specificity to the actual debriefing of play. This option works best for small groups of up to 6 teams (since it does add another level of tracking during banking).

Purchase includes: One Assay Office Mine Video with extra Cave Cards and a set of instructions within the video, tracking forms and delivery options and ideas.

If your prime focus is on collaboration between teams, this option works elegantly. It neatly enhances the play and debriefing.

This is a delivery enhancement option that is included in the Professional Edition but must be purchased separately to work with the LD-3, LD-4 and LD-6 versions.

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