Square Wheels Icebreaker Animation

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Welcome your group with this charming 40-second animation using the Square Wheels theme of a wagon being pushed and pulled with Square Wheels while the Round Ones, or better ideas, remain inside the wagon. In this animation, the pushers in back work together to exchange a square wheel for a round one while the puller in front remains uninvolved.

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The purpose is to get people talking together and sharing their varying perspectives, since each person will tend to see some things differently than the others. The animation is a metaphor for issues and opportunities around organizational improvement, teamwork and collaboration.

For only $9.95, you’ll receive:

  • 3 documents with ideas and suggestions for facilitating a creative and engaging session
  • Powerpoint slides with a watermark-free high-resolution Animation along with slides to prompt a discussion
  • Unlimited use of the animation and ideas within

Warm your group with this fun yet thought-provoking tool that will get people reacting and thinking in a productive and creative way!

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