It's with much excitement that we are announcing

Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine - Virtual (LD-V)

Team Building Game

is slated for release in December 2021!


LD-V will contain all of the philosophies, fundamentals, engaging fun and powerful debriefing points that exist in the original, live version of the game. We've gone to great lengths to retain the interactivity, group involvement, balance and overall group goals, objectives, and learning outcomes in the transition to this virtual model!

Among the features participants will be able to enjoy and experience are:


  • Use with any video chat software on the market, such as Zoom, Slack, and Skype, allowing for live video chat among participants and the facilitator.

  • Web-based platform, so no software is needed to be downloaded for participants, available for use on the most popular web-browsers:





  • Optimized platform, allowing for even basic computer systems with a single monitor to participate in the game.

Ease of Use

  • A simple, user-friendly and intuitive interface allows participants to hit the ground running with no prior training or knowledge of the game prior to the exercise.

  • An Expedition Leader certification course designed to train-the-trainer so the game can easily be run in-house or through an experienced facilitator.


  • Integrated text chat box for communication between teams, individuals, and the facilitator.

  • Each participant has their own interactive screen and are able to be fully involved in decisions within the team, and can fully participate in the experience.

  • Participants have assigned roles within teams, however each team member has the ability to interact and make decisions for the team during the game allowing the team and game to continue even in the event of a disconnect of one or more players during the exercise.

Debriefing and Data

  • All the core values and key learning points from the Live version of Lost Dutchman are still present, with added debriefing points focused around the challenges and opportunities presented by working in remote workplace environments.

  • The facilitator now has access to data not available in the live version, such as in-depth team map movement tracking, communication between teams, trades made and resources shared between or among teams and more.

  • All information and data is readily available for the debriefing. We’ve included an easy-to-use debriefing package allowing for the facilitator to easily see the overall game progress, as well as how and when teams communicated, how they played the game, and tips on how they can use this information to achieve desired outcomes for the organization during the debriefing.

Send us a message using the Form, below, to join our Lost Dutchman-Virtual mailing list to receive updates or if you and a few team members would be interested in participating in our beta testing of the final versions. Or, if you’d simply like a more in-depth walk through of the game.


Whether you’ve experienced Lost Dutchman in the past or are looking for a fun, interactive and engaging team building exercise that is full of learning outcomes for your organization, Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine-VIRTUAL  will surely meet your expectations and beyond!