Looking for effective, high-impact experiential learning and team building tools?

Here at Performance Management Company we’ve known this for decades, which is why our Team Building Games/Exercises and Facilitation Tools have been such a worldwide phenomenon since 1993.

For example, click below to check out our flagship team building exercise:

The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

With its energizing game play and powerful debriefing, participants gain a real understanding into what team building is really all about.

The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine checks all the boxes in these five critical areas:

1.    Collaboration
2.    Communications
3.    Trust
4.    Strategy
5.    Leadership skills 

When you have all five of these working together, it creates a fresh, exciting new dynamic in your workplace, as you begin to see steady increases in morale, productivity and ROI. 

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Square Wheels Facilitation Tools ​

Who doesn't find a cartoon or image to be more immediately appealing

than simply listening to a presentation?

YOU can readily use Square Wheels themes as improvement tools because:

• They work! Seamless and Bombproof. You can easily develop an interactive and engaging training programs focused on problem identification and idea generation that will generate active involvement, engagement and teamwork. Make some transparencies and photocopy handouts contained in the books.

• The approach is simple and effective! We've packaged the ideas for non-trainers (simple ideas for straightforward delivery and discussion). We know they work because we get feedback from hundreds of managers and other satisfied users. They get their people focused on problems and possibilities.

• The illustrations are powerful. The nature of these materials makes sessions highly successful. You use the illustrations to ASK people for their ideas. By asking and involving, they will generate ideas and understanding.

• The cartoons are flexible! There is no specific, underlying rigid model, but a series of illustrations that you can anchor to your organization's key issues and opportunities. The nature of the materials allows people to quickly understand the key ideas and concepts.

Square Wheels illustrations are a great vehicle for facilitating interactive discussions, developing creative problem-solving skills and for improving communications among people at every level of the organization. We have over 300 illustrations in the series with many possible uses and applications. I construct bundles of these in guided powerpoint packages based on the programs that I deliver. So, you get up to date bundles of what I am currently using in my own highly rated workshops and seminars. Lastly, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money is returned!

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One of our Resellers of Dutchman - https://focusu.com/#

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