Building a Culture Wall Collection

to Impact Your Organization's Visions, Values and Opportunities for Implementing Change

A Culture Wall creates a meeting place where people can be engaged to think differently and look for issues and opportunities to improve performance or share ideas for innovation.

Getting Started -- Selecting Themes for Your Culture Wall

Your selection can align with your culture, your new directions and the reality that people will share issues and ideas collectively. Reflection and the sharing of different perspectives underlies the processes of implementing improvement, which is highly dependent on generating active involvement and ownership of solutions.

A Culture Wall can be a catalyst for the energy needed to anchor improvements, collaboration and engagement.

One good way to implement a Culture Wall and come up with ideas for the wall is to print images on larger paper and allow people to write comments and add their thoughts and vote on the images they like or feel are most relevant to the improvement initiative.


If there were just one idea for representing what we at Performance Management Company consider to be a solid behavior for anyone to model, it would have to be this:

However, we have a large collection of our Square Wheels images and ideas available for you to use in building your own Culture Wall. You may choose from any of our images and posters or personalize them with your own thoughts and ideas. 

Purchasing Options

There are several ways that you can build a Culture Wall using our Square Wheels images:


  1. Choose an existing Square Wheels poster with wording for $5, downloading it in high resolution, with permission to print and display that poster. (We will soon have options where you can buy an image framed on canvas in any desired size through a collaborating vendor.)

  2. Choose any of the Square Wheels images or themes and have us customize the wording or add your logo, improvement theme label or similar. There would be a minimal additional charge based on the number of images customized.

  3. Buy a license to produce quantities of a poster or posters for distribution to multiple locations.

  4. Let us work with you in coming up with creative ideas and Square Wheels images that will work for your organizational culture, opportunity or project, selecting  from our large catalog of possibilities or creating one of your own design.

While a Culture Wall is a wonderful way to represent an organization's values and beliefs as a whole, it's also a great way to display your personal concepts within you own work space or office.

Email if you have any questions or want to discuss how to get started with your Culture Wall. 

Below are some ideas to help you get started thinking about developing your Culture Wall:










Questions? Connect with us and let's discuss ideas. What we want to do is optimize the effectiveness of this idea, and there are any number of ways to generate active involvement and participation in how your wall is developed with your people and aligned to your culture.

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