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World Class Tools for Team Building and Workplace Improvement

Discover How Your Organization Can Make Fast, Dramatic Improvements in Collaboration, Performance and Workplace Happiness

Actively involve your employees in creating a more cohesive,

cooperative culture for positive results across your entire organization. 


Here at Performance Management Company we’ve been supporting this action for decades, which is why our Team Building Games/Exercises and Facilitation Tools have been highly acclaimed worldwide since 1993.

For an example, click below to check out our flagship team building exercise:

Dutchman's energizing game play and powerful debriefing gives participants a hands-on understanding

as to why team building matters to organizational outcomes and success.

And, no one faces any kind of physical or uncomfortable scenario; play is entertaining and brings home solid learning.


The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine checks all the boxes in these five critical areas:

1.    Collaboration
2.    Communications
3.    Trust
4.    Strategy
5.    Leadership skills 

When you have all five of these working together, it creates a fresh, exciting new dynamic in your workplace, as you begin to see steady increases in morale, productivity and ROI. 

And this is just the beginning...

Coming Soon to our collection of Team Building Simulations/Exercises:


Seven Seas Quest: Saviors of Cultura         


Quest is filled with valuable lessons around engagement, implementing change and improvement, collaboration, planning and strategy and building trust in leadership and other organizational issues. 

Square Wheels Illustrations/Images and Toolkits


Leader's are often good storytellers so grab people's attention using our Square Wheels illustrations/images to set up a story about "How organizations really work" and you'll facilitate better communications, employee engagement, ideas and innovations for an improved and happier workplace.



Stupidly Simple Square Wheels Facilitation Toolkit will help generate sparks of creative energy in even the quietest employees, encouraging them to share their perspectives and ideas without fear of judgment or repercussion. 

Managing Workplace Roadblocks Toolkit will help you identify and create real world solutions for breaking through performance barriers—no matter how long they’ve been there!

The Square Wheels Project is our online program dedicated to providing both beneficial tools and teaching facilitation skills to supervisors and managers so that they can make a positive difference in their workplace. Take a look at the program's Free Course Preview to learn more about how TSWP supports you in building valuable facilitation skills.

Square Wheels Icebreaker Animation gives you a unique icebreaker tool that works to get people quickly involved and engaged as they respond to their interpretations of a 40-second animated video linking to ideas around performance, improvements, change, teams and leadership.

Read Our Blog for More Ideas about People and Performance!

Go to PoemsOnTheWorkplace for a creative perspective on workplace issues.

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