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The Square Wheels Icebreaker Toolkit

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    The Square Wheels Icebreaker Toolkit

    (Asian Version Also Available)


    You'll be amazed at the power of a simple illustration

    as a unique icebreaker that costs only $19.95!


    What does it do?
    • Promotes communications and problem solving
    • Involves and engages people
    • Generates creative energy
    • Develops rapport
    • Fits into almost any situation
    • Provides a fun, unique and effective meeting opener!

    "How might this illustration represent
    how organizations really work?"

    How does it work?

    Open your meeting or program by sharing theSquare Wheels® One illustration(shown to the right) and asking: "How might this illustration represent how organizations really work?"


    Allow at least 5 minutes for participants to interact with each other and then bring the group back together by asking for ideas from various people or within each group.


    You can then link to the topics and opportunities that you might want to address, discuss issues of motivation and improvement, or make any number of transitions to your meeting subject.


    We've collected well over 300 different responses to the Square Wheels One illustration. This has been remarkable and surprising but reinforces the reality about how much workplace creativity really exists!


    People's reaction to the cartoon, along with their active thinking about the image, causes a flow of ideas, creativity and humor. These are very useful in helping to establish great group rapport and engagement. And, once you see how well it works, you may want to try our other more expanded Square Wheels tools and games for involving and inspiring people.


    Everything you need to facilitate an engaging, memorable and successful meeting icebreaker is included in this complete kit of the Square Wheels® Icebreaker Toolkit (including a 10-page facilitation guide).


    What comes with The Icebreaker?

    • Square Wheels® Icebreaker Facilitation Guide
    • Square Wheels® One illustration in PowerPoint
    • Square Wheels®; One illustration in pdf format
    • Thoughts on Icebreakers
    • Square Wheels Poster Handout
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