Roadblock Management Toolkit

Square Wheels Roadblocks Management Toolkit

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    Square Wheels Roadblocks Management Toolkit

    A better flow of energy and attitude regarding one's work is an outcome of this program.

    The Roadblocks Toolkit is designed for the manager and uses the basic Square Wheels facilitation ideas as groundwork for generating group problem solving as well as peer pressure for Performance Improvement.


    This Toolkit introduces the Square Wheels® concept and focuses on a process that helps people define exactly what can be done to remove the "roadblocks" that get in the way of their success or personal improvement on the job. This is done through a model that describes the "roadblocks" that prevent progress and offers solutions for effectively managing them.

    It uses the simple concept that no one can "empower" another and that many people in the workplace choose to be un-empowered and let things get in the way of personal or group performance. The purpose of this toolkit is to help a work group focus on what we call Dis-Un-Empowerment, or the removal of the things that get in the way of moving forward. Roadblock removal, especially done in a peer-supported context, is both engaging and optimizing.

    Dis-Un-Empowerment is a simple approach to performance improvement.

    This is a simple yet very robust approach to managing and removing the many roadblocks that occur in the workplace. There are also any number of uses for this model in coaching environments.

    It's designed for any manager to use and is packaged with an adaptable PowerPoint presentation with about 40 slides. It contains:

    • Square Wheels® One illustration and facilitation
    • The Roadblocks Model and facilitation
    • Worksheets and Handouts for participants
    • A variety of supporting / instructional materials

    -Downloadable Upon Purchase Completion

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