The Square Wheels Lego Icebreaker Toolkit is used to improve workplace happiness and productivity.

Square Wheels LEGO Icebreaker Toolkit

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    The Square Wheels LEGO Icebreaker Toolkit


    Our Square Wheels One line-art illustration has been used as a tool for quickly and seamlessly involving and engaging people for over 20 years. We've recently started using LEGO blocks as another way to present the Square Wheels idea and this Toolkit contains the original line-art version (both the regular and Asian) and the new LEGO image of Square Wheels One to give you a choice of which version works best for you.

    You will use the Square Wheels theme to start a discussion about how things work and what issues and opportunities there are for improvement. This is an inexpensive but terrific tool for opening a meeting and, even more importantly, it can be used as a foundation for creating discussions that can lead to making improvements!

    Shown below are the three variations of the Square Wheels One illustration included in this Toolkit:

    sws-one-b-w-small.jpg        sws-one-asian-b-w-small.jpg     square-wheels-one-lrego-long-rope-side-view.jpg

    The Icebreaker Toolkit contains:

    • A quick, informative video overview
    • A Leader's Guide for Facilitation
    • A PPT of the images (the original Square Wheels One illustration, its Asian Version and the new LEGO picture image)
    • Worksheet and Handout Masters
    • A Collection of Square Wheels LEGO Posters

    It works, elegantly, for workplace improvement initiatives and in a wide variety of settings such as church groups, educational classes and training programs of all kinds. Any kind of situation will benefit by generating active participation and the sharing of ideas that happen from using this Toolkit.

    You can use the series of included posters for printing and sharing on bulletin boards and other places as reminders of the issues that we commonly face and the positive outcome from sharing ideas for improvement. 

    Features and Benefits:
    •  Easy to use in a variety of situations to involve and engage people in sharing issues and ideas
    •  It can function as an energizer and meeting starter, being easy to link with many topics under discussion
    •  Works great as the main theme of a performance improvement initiative, or easily anchored to your other tools
    •  It is a general metaphor about how things work and how improvements can be discovered
    •  There are no right or wrong answers; it is a projective instrument, like an inkblot or Rorschach Test
    •  Perfect for diverse groups for generating alignment and consensus about issues and opportunities
    •  The metaphor is about continuous improvement of systems and processes, people and performance
    •  There are direct links to communications, missions, goals and expectations of what needs to happen
    •  You will get a very diverse set of reactions from individuals and groups about what they see
    •  It has a complete Facilitation Guide with a video, along with written instructions for different applications and uses
    •  It is completely re-usable, with reproducible handouts and support materials
    •  It works in every organizational culture and with front-line workers and senior executives
    •  Simple to purchase with no complex licensing, certification or added fees


    Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. 


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    1. Successfully used this with a Family Child Care Home Provider!

      This is a very flexible tool in that it was such a great conversational starter and provided opportunities for much reflection on the part of a Child Care Home Owner I recently introduced it to. It helped us identify her most crucial 'square wheels' and we were able to start pulling out some 'round wheels' for her to apply and the strategies for doing so. I plan to continue using this tool as we work on improving her practices for continuous quality improvement. Will also use it with others on my caseload. Thanks! on 30th Mar 2015

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