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Square Wheels Facilitation Toolkit

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    Square Wheels Facilitation Toolkit

    An easy-to-use Basic Program for Facilitating Workplace Improvement 

    What Does The Toolkit Do?

    It sets up an avenue for engaging people in innovative thinking and creativity by introducing them to the Square Wheels One illustration/cartoon, shown below, which acts as a metaphor representing how most organizations really work.


    From this framework, people develop perspective around what really happens in their own workplace. The concept of identifying the "Square Wheels" (things that aren't working or need to be fixed) and the "Round Wheels" (the better ideas or best practices of doing things) takes place and a lively, often humorous and powerful discussion ensues.

    Basically, it pushes people to "step back from the wagon" and disclose their views about how things are working, engage each other in a creative discovery process and uses the diversity of ideas and perspective to generate thinking, innovation and communications. It also sets up a language of continuous continuous improvement.

    As a manager / facilitator, your goal is to anchor the group's thinking onto performance improvement ideas and involve and engage every individual in the process, build a team or some general consensus as to the issues/opportunities and then generate some plan of action to do something differently and accomplish some results. You'll use the clout of the Square Wheels One illustration and the ideas and materials in our complete Facilitation Guide to assist you in this process and you'll also improve your facilitation skills. 


    Included in the Toolkit is everything needed for a complete program, including:

    • A Facilitation Guide for using the materials
    • More than 60 PowerPoint slides to help you facilitate a discussion about issues and opportunities in your organization (customizable)
    • Square Wheels One illustration (in PowerPoint)
    • Square Wheels One illustration and 4 related handout/worksheets
    • A PowerPoint slide presentation on the Dot Voting process (for involvement and consensus)   


    A Sample of the Main Facilitation PowerPoint Slides:



    --Downloadable upon Purchase Completion--




    The Square Wheels Facilitation Toolkit, Asian Version is available

    The Asian version is the same as the original version except that the characters in the illustrations look less Caucasian and more Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Middle Eastern, Indian, etc. in appearance.

    The Asian version of the Square Wheels One illustration

    Square Wheels® Facilitation Toolkit - $49.95

    --Downloadable upon Purchase Completion--


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