Spring Forward Monday

Spring Forward Monday

 A Workplace Improvement Day 

Invite ideas, innovation and involvement

for improving workplace practices.

What is Spring Forward Monday?

It’s a concept with a simple solution for dealing with one of the lowest days of workplace productivity -- the Monday following the Daylight Saving “spring forward” time change -- that all too often leaves employees “dragging” and unproductive as they adjust to their lost hour from the day before.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Forward Monday!

What is its solution?

Seize the day and throw energy into it by facilitating a session that will engage employees in sharing their perspectives and ideas for making a better workplace. To successfully do this, The Stupidly Simple Square Wheels Facilitation Toolkit is designed with everything you need to create an interactive and engaging session with serious outcomes. The gist of this Toolkit is the Square Wheels One illustration that elegantly generates thinking, creativity and humor as people react to it and its lead-in statement, This is how most organizations really work.”

Take a look at this quick, illustrated video showcasing how The Square Wheels One illustration that is packaged in the Stupidly Simple Square Wheels Facilitation Toolkit works to make Spring Forward Monday a day for workplace improvement and employee engagement.


People's response to Square Wheels One is that they personalize it into their own situation which then leads to a sharing of perspectives and ideas for improvement. All in all, you’ll receive valuable information that can make a positive difference in moving forward.

An added benefit is that employees feel their input is considered and appreciated which promotes feelings of empowerment and workplace happiness.

The Stupidly Simple Square Wheels Toolkit
sets the stage for
Spring Forward Monday


This Toolkit provides both the original black and white line-art Square Wheels One illustration 
or the new Lego image of Square Wheels One giving you the choice of using either version.


It's only $24.95 for unlimited use and contains:

  • The Square Wheels One illustration (in both the original line-art and its Lego image)
  • A Leader's Guide for facilitating the session
  • Participant Worksheets/Handouts   
  • A collection of Square Wheels Lego Posters that can be hung in the workplace as anchors to the insights gained.

All yours for only $24.95!


Make a difference in everyone’s present and future workdays by facilitating a Spring Forward Monday using this valuable Toolkit.


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