Spring Forward Monday

Spring Forward Monday, March 13, 2017
Workplace Improvement 

Encouraging Supervisors to be Draggin' Slayers by inviting ideas for innovation!

more-white-mrfffff.pngWhat Is Spring Forward Monday?

SFM turns a "blah" day into an "inspired" one with Managers and Supervisors energizing and engaging employees in sharing their ideas for workplace improvements. SFM is the day after the Spring Forward Daylight Saving time changeover because it is, typically, a day of lackluster workplace productivity due to people still dragging in energy from the previous day's lost hour. Hence, Spring Forward Monday is March 13, 2017 and focuses on Mangers and Supervisors "Slaying the Draggin'" that normally occurs by inviting employees to share their ideas for innovations and workplace improvements.

Managers and Supervisors can become the "Draggin' Slayers" when they seize this particular Monday and improve its outcome by facilitating a session to increase engagement and generate ideas and innovations for organizational improvement. This is easily accomplished with the Spring Forward Monday Facilitation Toolkit that's designed with everything needed for facilitating an engaging session that generates powerful opportunities and outcomes.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Forward Monday!

Use the Spring Forward Monday Facilitation Toolkit to "Slay the Draggin!"

The gist of this Toolkit is the Square Wheels One image that elegantly generates thinking, creativity and even humor as people react to it and its lead-in statement, This is how most organizations really work.” People respond to the image by personalizing it into their own situation which prompts a sharing of valuable information resulting in a positive difference in moving forward. An added benefit is that when employees feel that their input is considered and appreciated, their feelings of empowerment and workplace happiness increase which benefits the organization as a whole. 

Take a look at a quick overview as to how Spring Forward Monday works as day for workplace improvement and employee engagement:



The Spring Forward Monday Toolkit
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Employee Engagement, Empowerment and Opportunity


It's only $24.95 for unlimited use and contains:

  • The Square Wheels One image
  • A Leader's Guide for facilitating the session
  • Participant Worksheets/Handouts   
  • A collection of Square Wheels Posters that can be used as anchors to the insights gained.

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Make a difference in your workplace environment by using the Spring Forward Monday Toolkit!