Seven Seas Quest and Buccaneer for Team Building

Seven Seas Quest and Buccaneer

On a “Quest” to find a Team Building Game that Combines Fun with Significant Learning? This is it!

Two "sister" Team Building Games 
Packaged Together for One Great Value
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Both Quest and Buccaneer Team Building Exercises give you:

  •  An exceptional value -- Two Games for One Price--$895!
  •  A One-Time Cost for an unlimited number of teams for both games
  •  SOLID, proven simulations that work beautifully around issues of systems and processes for organizational improvement.
  •  An excellent platform for demonstrating learning principles of leadership, motivation, collaboration and communications.
  •  A strong Debriefing program.
  •  Fast playing, fun themes that are easily accessorized.
  • The ability to download both exercises upon purchase completion plus receive free telephone or email support, any time.


The theme is one of "Saving the World" as teams sail to collect "polycarbs" that will 
improve the impact of the medicines used to fight the plague.

•Health organizations have found this theme resonates well for them.




Pirates have stolen gold from the Queen so Teams must sail to the Islands, pretending they are pirates,
to reclaim gold and jewels before sailing home.

•Sales groups enjoy the more aggressive nature of this game.


The main game frame was designed by Mike Robinson and Scott Simmerman to be a follow-on exercise to our flagship exercise, The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine and their look and feel is intentionally similar but the Quest/Buccaneer games have evolved to stand on their own as great programs with nautical themes. 

For accessorizing, the games are wonderful. You can have team members outfit themselves in paper Pirate Hats that they construct (instructions included!) or you can assemble a wide variety of accessories such as seashells, leis, and other colorful island flourishes.


If you have delivered Dutchman to a group and need a good follow-up activity, Quest or Buccaneer work extremely well. While they are similar, it has been our experience that repeating the messages of leadership, collaboration and communications has a high impact. When players use some of the strategies they learned from Dutchman, they can clearly see the benefits of collaboration and the need for having solid systems and processes for moving information among the teams as essential to the strategy of optimization.

These two exercises are sold together for the one low price of $895

You download the files and you get everything! There are ample instructions and details for delivery, room design ideas, forms and files for printing game materials and PowerPoint files for delivery and debriefing.

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed 
or your money back!