Trust in the Sand
My colleagues in Romania just sent me an email about one of their blog posts on leadership that had this image within it: I thought it was pretty neat, and it reminded me of my friend and colleague Frank Navran’s quote that: “Trust is the residue of promises fulfilled” and how easy it is to […]

If not you, WHO? If not now, WHEN?
If not you, WHO? If not now, WHEN? I love that short little quote about personal accountability and action. Of course, we can always wait for someone else or we can simply choose to wait, which tends to be the most common response of people to opportunities. Lots of statistics point to the small numbers […]

Continuous Continuous Improvement and Team Building
Dozens of years ago, when I chaired our local ASQC group, it was common to hear these quality managers say that they had done continuous improvement. It was so common that I resolved never to use that phrase and to only use the term, CONTINUOUS Continuous Improvement, which STILL gives my grammar checker fits, as […]

Engagement – Think Local, Act Local
I was reading an article on adapting things like HomeKit and Echo into the way people interact with their homes. Alexa is pretty cool, but there are issues around its inability to recognize voices and there have been instances of voices on TV actually telling the system to order products online and the reality that […]

DHL Customer Service – All I wanted was a straight answer…
I sell teambuilding games, simulations designed to improve inter-departmental collaboration and leadership and focused on improving different aspects of issues around people and performance. And I did customer service consulting work for nearly 20 years. So, this all clanged on a recent DHL-assisted shipment to Romania. It is not about the money, since the customer […]

Intrinsic Motivation – It comes from having a goal
My friend Jimmy Jain posted up a picture of himself after running a race. The images of him below should tell you all you need to know about motivation, if you spend a moment to consider individual performance and how things really work. You cannot get this satisfaction from some extrinsic reward system; it is […]

Spring Forward Monday™ is March 13, 2017 – A Square Wheels® Solution
Okay, March 13 is a Monday. But it is also the Monday after Sunday morning’s loss of an hour’s sleep as we set the clocks ahead each Spring. AND, it will be one of the low productivity workdays, since you know people will be dragging. (How many do you think will go to bed an […]

Apparently, Employees are also People!
I was playing around with some of my flower pics on Saturday, wishing for Spring after weeding, composting and fertilizing the day lily garden. That got me to thinking that we need to do those same things in some workplaces (yeah, weeding, also). And then I thought to put up a flower post Then, I […]

12 Great Strategic Board Games – by Joe Cole (with Scott Simmerman)
Entertainment is as important as work because it keeps your life balanced and in this manner you are able to work in a more effective way. In this modern technological world where we can find everything on our mobile screens – ranging from video games to social media services – sometimes we want to escape […]

Facilitating Workplace Improvement: Herding Cats and Frogs
A couple of really good discussions on facilitation and implementation of strategies and innovation and some basic conversations about people and performance got me thinking again about The Issues of Workplace Reality: Getting things done around here is a lot like herding cats. It is possible to accomplish that, but with me with an 8-month […]