Why I HATE Outdoor Teambuilding after 30 years
“Outdoor Teambuilding.” For me, this phrase represents an oxymoron, two words that simply do not go together. Classic oxymoron examples include “jumbo shrimp,” “crash landing,” “found missing,” “student teacher,” and, being an old rock and roller, my personal favorite, “Country Music!” Why do I hate outdoor team building events? Because outdoors represents a basically impossible […]

Many People Hate Offsite Teambuilding – A Learned Response
My teams don’t want to attend a training program or offsite meetings; the programs aren’t exciting enough and they hardly learn anything from the programs. In fact I haven’t come across many effective programs that can keep my people engaged and make offsite meetings interesting! This was part of a conversation between two heads of an […]

The Hubcap Report – a note on Task Interference and Supervisors
These days, my focus continues to be on people and performance, with more consideration around The Supervisor and their work to dis-un-engage and actively involve their people in workplace improvements. I blogged last week about the concept of Free The Supervisor. If we want to improve engagement, the only people who will do this are […]

Managers – How Square Wheels can impact their workplaces
I got three fast notes from an HR director from an Indian company this morning. He and I had started chatting about organizational development and he wondered how my tools could impact the workplace, if they worked for managers, which one would be best and the difference between the downloadable and the LMS. And this […]

FREE The Supervisor – thoughts on Disruptive Positive Active Engagement
Free The Supervisor might be my new chant as I continue to research and discuss and consider the reality of most workplaces. In a simple phrase, “They Get Pressed.” Remember – The ONLY people who actually produce any income for an organization are the workers. All of the management function as overhead costs. And who […]

Simurise Learning Solutions enters the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine fray
For a number of years, we have been working with Solomon Salvis to deliver our team building and organizational development products in Asia and it is really great to have him come online with his new website. Now based in Singapore, he is expanding this teambuilding and leadership development work and product sales for that […]

The Christopher Columbus Award for Leadership
We were playing around with ideas for “Leadership Awards” a few years ago and I had my artist, Roy Sabean, craft up one for me. Since that time, there have been a lot of pretty negative articles written about this guy and a lot of discussion about removing his name as a national holiday. You […]

Disruptive Engagement, Supervisors, Empowerment and Performance Improvement
I listened to a great presentation yesterday by Mercer on managing engagement, the need to focus on key metrics but the reality of driving behavior at the very bottom of the organization, which is what engagement is. Nicely presented, with great graphics. And I look forward to getting a copy of the information, statistics and […]

Feedback, Team Building, Ideas and Accountability
Debriefing Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is where we continue to mine  organizational development gold. And there is plenty of gold to mine if we can act to do things more collaboratively and with better planning, alignment, and communications. People have fun playing the Lost Dutchman exercise and problem solving and even competing but when the […]

Thoughts on Facilitating Best Practices Discussions
The idea behind this post is to outline a process to actively involve and engage a group of senior managers in the effort to elicit, share, discuss and ideally implement some of their best business practices. We had the chance to involve 8 different companies operating under one parent organization with the goal of improving […]