Apparently, Employees are also People!
I was playing around with some of my flower pics on Saturday, wishing for Spring after weeding, composting and fertilizing the day lily garden. That got me to thinking that we need to do those same things in some workplaces (yeah, weeding, also). And then I thought to put up a flower post Then, I […]

12 Great Strategic Board Games – by Joe Cole (with Scott Simmerman)
Entertainment is as important as work because it keeps your life balanced and in this manner you are able to work in a more effective way. In this modern technological world where we can find everything on our mobile screens – ranging from video games to social media services – sometimes we want to escape […]

Facilitating Workplace Improvement: Herding Cats and Frogs
A couple of really good discussions on facilitation and implementation of strategies and innovation and some basic conversations about people and performance got me thinking again about The Issues of Workplace Reality: Getting things done around here is a lot like herding cats. It is possible to accomplish that, but with me with an 8-month […]

Bad Teambuilding and BaaadTeambuilding
I don’t really think I have to say too much about this and let the image speak for itself. As most of my readers are aware, I do corporate team building and organizational development using business simulations to generate discussions about what can be done differently to improve organizational results. Most of my work comes […]

Poem on Performance Improvement and Training
For two dozen years, I have used a “strength building” illustration as step one to discuss how training is not always a good solution to performance improvement problems. It is the old Bob Mager, “If you put a gun to their head, can they do it?” kind of framework in that it separates a skillset […]

2017 – A Year of Choices, Engagement and Innovation
We are at the cusp of a new year and this tends to be the time when people consider new possibilities and new thoughts on doing things differently. In that context, let me wish you a Happy Round Wheel New Year and hope that you can give your people the gift of engagement and workplace […]

A Round Wheel Happy New Year!
We had a Christmas Day brunch at one of the finer hotels here in Greenville and, to put it simply, things did not roll very smoothly. There were any number of service quality issues from beginning to end, starting with a “10 minute wait” that was 35 minutes (we sat outside where it was nice […]

Bad Teambuilding, Good Teambuilding
I continue to be struck by how much team bonding is confused with team building. The latter has impacts on organizational behavior and performance improvements and links to improving results while the former is about having fun and doing things to build camaraderie. The issue is that people expect things to change with more workplace […]

Monkeys, Management and Motivation – Simple Ideas
Ah, the Internet… And StumbleUpon. Blogs. And research on behavior. And Creative Genius. And themes of leadership and productivity and employee motivation. I love it when it all comes together… Way back in 2012, what seems like at least a decade ago, I was reminded of the monkey metaphor of William Onchen (HBR, originally in […]

Are Managers simply BAD or is it the Workplace
This will be a short post, with a link to a solid article and one illustration. Gallup had an article that is depressing: It is about the DAMAGE caused by bad managers. It is a short but hard read, saying in part: Managers who don’t know how to meet the engagement needs of their […]