Corporate Engagement Hasn’t Worked – Why not try Disruptive Engagement?
What is your reaction to these statements? “I’m from Human Resources and I am here to help you.” “I’m from Management and I am here to help you.” “I’m from Training and I am here to help you.” Most of us workers can probably name names and share lots of personal experiences about having received […]

Mini-blog on Employee Engagement and Active Involvement – Trust and all that
I generally post up pretty complete thoughts and frameworks but this one is more of a blurt. If  you want me to do more of these, pass the word. My friend Frank Navran said, “Trust is the residue of promises fulfilled.” And I think that employee engagement ties solidly onto the tail of trust, in […]

Simple Bad Teambuilding
My associate in Singapore posted up his comments in a LinkedIn group post and I got copied. The posting consultant in India put it up for thoughts comments (and there are almost 200 comments!). He initially said: Client: We are having an offsite for our leadership team. They all work in silos and there is […]

Press Release on Lost Dutchman’s Teambuilding Exercise 25th year
We’re a small business and some things are just normally out of our range of motion but we wanted to do a Press Release about our 25th year of supporting The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine team building exercise worldwide. It has continued to be a fun and interesting and rewarding experience for […]

Radical Candor and Disruptive Engagement
Reading a review by Ted Kinni on Kim Scott’s book, Radical Candor, pushed me to publish this short post on impacting workplace performance through conversation and engagement. Her book is well grounded in the nightmare of many typical workplaces and how a lack of good conversations causes such harm. As Ted writes, “Radical candor stems […]

Trust in the Sand
My colleagues in Romania just sent me an email about one of their blog posts on leadership that had this image within it: I thought it was pretty neat, and it reminded me of my friend and colleague Frank Navran’s quote that: “Trust is the residue of promises fulfilled” and how easy it is to […]

If not you, WHO? If not now, WHEN?
If not you, WHO? If not now, WHEN? I love that short little quote about personal accountability and action. Of course, we can always wait for someone else or we can simply choose to wait, which tends to be the most common response of people to opportunities. Lots of statistics point to the small numbers […]

Continuous Continuous Improvement and Team Building
Dozens of years ago, when I chaired our local ASQC group, it was common to hear these quality managers say that they had done continuous improvement. It was so common that I resolved never to use that phrase and to only use the term, CONTINUOUS Continuous Improvement, which STILL gives my grammar checker fits, as […]

Engagement – Think Local, Act Local
I was reading an article on adapting things like HomeKit and Echo into the way people interact with their homes. Alexa is pretty cool, but there are issues around its inability to recognize voices and there have been instances of voices on TV actually telling the system to order products online and the reality that […]

DHL Customer Service – All I wanted was a straight answer…
I sell teambuilding games, simulations designed to improve inter-departmental collaboration and leadership and focused on improving different aspects of issues around people and performance. And I did customer service consulting work for nearly 20 years. So, this all clanged on a recent DHL-assisted shipment to Romania. It is not about the money, since the customer […]