Large Group Team Building with The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

 The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine
Large Group Team Building

Create a dynamic Team Building Event for Large Groups with PMC's flagship exercise, The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. It’s an inexpensive, surprisingly easy-to-deliver, fun and energetic way to create some serious and powerful learning.  And, this is supported by lots of feedback affirming it was a "Memorable" and "Best Ever Event!"


Dutchman is considered one of the top team simulations, worldwide, and one of the very few focused on issues of Inter-Team Collaboration and Performance Improvement. The Debriefing section receives great respect for how it turns the game into such a fantastic learning tool. It's also extremely useful for CoachingLeadership, Communications, Project Management and Motivation.

Companies who have used Dutchman for large groups include:     dutchman-advantage-bank-test.jpg

      • Luxottica -- 600 people playing
      • INROADS -- 900 people participating
      • WiPro Technologies -- 870 participants
      • Family Christian Stores -- 240 players

A sampling of others using the game for large groups include: Cox Communications, PayPal, Microsoft, Cargill, Radford University, Genentech, Manulife, Enterprise Bank, Caremark, the US Census Bureau and Intel.

Use Dutchman for your Large Groups in one of these three ways:

  • Purchase the game for a one-time cost to deliver, yourself, with no restrictions on reuse. All you need to run the game as well as options for debriefing are included.
  • We'll deliver it for you! Dr. Scott Simmerman, Lost Dutchman's creator, will seamlessly facilitate Dutchman for groups of any size. Contact for more information (email)
  • Rent the exercise for a one-time use for any size group. We do all the packaging, include all needed materials and offer as much telephone support as you want. Contact Scott for more information (email)

Dutchman offers:

  • Key themes of "Mining as Much Gold as We Can" and "Optimizing total ROI" along with metaphors for planning and collaboration making it a valuable business game
  • More than 100 debriefing slides allowing for a flexible and customizable debriefing readily tailored to your specific desired outcomes
  • High levels of individual and team participation thereby increasing transformational impact
  • A fun, engaging and superb learning program that integrates neatly with conference or retreat themes or can be used in the classroom for teaching
  • Solid opportunity for involving your management team in the actual delivery, guaranteeing a higher impact while costing much less than every other presentation design we know

                             ldpictorial-thinking.jpg       ldgm-testimonial-bubble-andy-m-100.jpg

A Brief Description of the Exercise:

The theme is a challenging journey to find the lost gold mine of Jacob Waltz (The Dutchman) in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.

Through information, planning and decision-making, players discover how this expedition links to their real work behaviors, communications and teamwork. After play, the flexible debriefing becomes motivating for performance improvement initiatives of all kinds, with direct links to inter-team collaboration, strategic planning and the importance of clear missions and visions.

Some of the Features Include:

  • Action-filled, fast-paced tabletop exercise
  • Works exceptionally for any number of players
  • High levels of individual and team participation thereby increasing transformational impact
  • Different versions allow you to control costs of acquisition -- very low cost per participant if used repeatedly
  • No annual fees and or required certification training
  • Works in all sorts of company cultures (translated with permission only)
  • Plays and debriefs in 3-3.5 hours but can easily be the core event in a multi-day workshop delivered by PMC or your own people
  • Powerful debriefing capabilities with included PowerPoint slides
  • Focuses on inter-table/team collaboration, communications, strategic planning and leadership and is certified by the Project Management Institute for continuing education credit in PM courses
  • Recognized worldwide for over 20 years and used by consultants and trainers for a wide variety of desired outcomes

An Outstanding, Proven Learning Tool that continually Exceeds Expectations
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Used Worldwide for 22 Years!