Dutchman as a Holiday Event

Exceed Expectations for Your Holiday Office Party 
by including a
Globally-Acclaimed Team Building Game in Your Celebration!

The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine
Team Building Game

Create a win-win scenario by investing in a holiday celebration with an outcome that will reap long-term benefits for both employees and your organization through Lost Dutchman’s fun challenge and rewarding learning platform. Lost Dutchman is a business simulation with measurable outcomes and specific goals and results that will generate a powerful discussion around issues and opportunities for improvements and collaboration.


Playing Dutchman as a prelude to your organization's holiday party creates a perfect opportunity for employees to use the party's social setting to further discuss the happenings, strategy and outcomes of the game with their fellow teammates and other players. Their energized feelings and sense of bonding gained from the exercise will flow nicely into a positive party atmosphere with an appreciation for the experience.  

Suggested Ways to Incorporate Dutchman into Your Event:

It’s best to provide a 3 to 3.5 hour timeframe for the play of Dutchman

This allows adequate time for the game overview and instructions, the planning period and game play followed by the powerful debriefing discussion linking the game, and behaviors within, to real workplace issues. The Debriefing part of Dutchman is what makes this exercise truly outstanding and unique as a valuable tool for change and improvement. Lost Dutchman is a business simulation with measurable outcomes and specific goals and results.

Suggestion #1

Set Dutchman as a morning event and then provide a luncheon and holiday celebration following the game.
Your luncheon could be a western-style barbecue in keeping with the setting of the game.

Suggestion #2

 Make Dutchman an afternoon event and then celebrate the holidays with an evening of dinner and festivities.
Continue the Dutchman theme with a southwestern menu.

Suggestion #3

If you prefer to forgo a meal after Dutchman but have some other kind of celebration planned,
that can also work to allow time for people to socialize and discuss their game experience.


Dutchman is surprisingly inexpensive:

  • Works with any number of people from 10 to 100+
  • Rent the game for a one-time use with fees starting at $1000 for 36 people and averaging under $24 per participant as the number of players increase
  • Or, purchase it at a one-time cost for unlimited use
  • No need to invite an outside facilitator to run the game as it’s designed so that you can successfully do it yourself or if you would prefer to hire a facilitator, we can help you with that
  • You’ll receive all the materials and instructions and phone support needed to successfully facilitate a lively, memorable session 

Playing Dutchman will:

  • Motivate employees and strengthen the organization
  • Provide valuable lessons of collaboration, communications, leadership, teamwork and planning
  • Enhance relationships and ensure that learning and problem-solving take place in a safe and non-confrontational way
  • Lead to an increased understanding of how our behaviors influence outcomes in the workplace
  • Get people to talk about possibilities for improving the organization

This exercise has been used, worldwide, for over 20 years and continues to receive top praise 
from both players and facilitators, alike.


Colorful bandanas and/or cowboy hats can be used to add to the fun and to be kept by players as reminders of the game.
The room can easily be decorated using Southwestern holiday décor to align with Dutchman's game setting.

The main idea is to have fun and enjoy the festivities 
with this special “gift” of powerful learning that positively impacts people and the workplace.


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