Defining Squarewheels

Defining Square Wheels

I have been a trainer for a few years now -- I would not have believed
that "ONE" cartoon could hold everyone's attention and bring out the
discussions that took place in a 2.5 hour learning session. 
My belief has now been changed!   
--J B Hunt

What are Square Wheels?

Square Wheels® is our series of images designed to work as facilitation and engagement tools for an interactive discussion around:

    • ideas and issues about how things really work
    • ways to improve the status quo
    • change and organizational development issues
    • motivation and innovation
    • performance improvement

The images/cartoons are packaged in various Toolkits containing PowerPoint slides, pdf-based handouts and all the materials, instructions and ideas needed to successfully facilitate communications and involve people in moving forward.

Square Wheels images work as a "Rorschach inkblot test" because they allow a person to project his/her thoughts for what could be done, differently and more positively, within their organization. Certainly, one doesn't need to be a psychologist to use these, just an interested manager or leader who wants to engage employees and create ownership in improvements. 

The original Square Wheels illustration, called Square Wheels One (shown below), was created by Dr. Scott J. Simmerman (with Roy Sabean as the artist) and over 300 illustrations have evolved from Square Wheels One and, since 1993, have been sold and distributed, worldwide, developing a solid reputation for excellence.


Our New Square Wheels Lego Images

During 2016, we decided to update the original Square Wheels One illustration by turning it into a Square Wheels Lego image with the idea that using Lego pieces creates a more colorful and playful approach to gaining people's attention and interest. It also provides more flexibility in use and poses than the original black and white line art series.

Therefore, since 2016, we have been replacing our original line art illustrations with new Square Wheels Lego images, beginning first with Square Wheels One and continually adding other images often depicting or aligned with some of the original line art illustrations.

Square Wheels Today:  The Square Wheels One Lego image:



More About Using Square Wheels images

Most of The Square Wheels Toolkits begin with introducing the main illustration, Square Wheels One Lego Image, and facilitating a discussion around it. You simply show the illustration of Square Wheels® One Lego stating how this image represents, "How most organizations really work." 

This introduces people to the idea of using a "metaphor" as representing an organization with its people, processes and procedures. It sets up lots of discussion of issues and ideas for improvement within one’s own organization without causing defensiveness (After all, it's only a cartoon!) as it easily generates perspective, involvement and creativity.

Learning Facilitation Skills -- The Square Wheels Project 

If you're new to facilitation or would like to learn more, you will find The Square Wheels Project to be a helpful source for becoming a confident facilitator in using Square Wheels One. The Square Wheels Toolkit Course is found within TSWP and this course has been reviewed and accepted to be part of Udemy, one of the world’s largest and most popular online education platforms.

You can sign up here to join TSWP and have access to The Square Wheels Toolkit Course through Udemy that will give you The Square Wheels One Toolkit which includes the Square Wheels One Lego Image, worksheets, handouts and other materials. Plus, you will learn how to successfully use and facilitate the Toolkit contents through online videos presented by Dan Stones, the co-founder of

You could also choose to purchase the Stupidly Simple Square Wheels Facilitation Toolkit and follow the included instructions and learn through these, how to facilitate the toolkit to engage people in a constructive discussion and create an important perspective that becomes a vehicle for change and improvement.


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