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A Powerful Leadership Development and Team Building Game! Overview of Play: Some Design Features
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The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine
Proven as a top Team Building Exercise, worldwide, since 1993.
Satisfaction Guaranteed, Absolutely Positively!

"The Lost Dutchman is unquestionably the best training game I have ever seen for teaching teamwork."
Sam Tolbert, Director of Planning, Self Memorial Hospital

Use this powerful team exercise to boost:

  • Teamwork, communications and intrinsic motivation
  • Leadership Development Skills
  • Collaboration and cooperation between teams
  • Engagement and Innovation
  • Alignment and synergism among work groups
  • Strategic Planning and Project Management
  • Organizational profitability optimization

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Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is an engaging challenge, focused on mining gold and having fun but with the serious purpose of generating ideas that improve workplace performance. It readily links to issues such as changing goals, leading and motivation and demonstrates the benefits of trust and good interpersonal communications.

Dutchman's key themes are explained as:

  • The role of the Expedition Leader is to help teams be successful.
  • The Goal is to mine as much Gold as We can.

The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine sets up a journey to mine Gold in the Superstition Mountains of the American Southwest.
It's based on a true story of Jacob Waltz and his gold mine, lost when he attempted to describe its location on his deathbed in 1892.


Dutchman participants play in teams consisting of 5 or 6 people. Teams are provided with a mission and a challenge, given resources and information and then asked to make a variety of choices to develop and execute their plan. By making assumptions, decisions and choices, they develop a sense of ownership and involvement.

The essence of the game is to work together and have fun, planning and collaborating with each other during the planning and play, not competing. It's a game of abundance, not scarcity. All teams will be successful; those that plan and collaborate will be more successful than the others!

The Scenario:

Teams learn that they will have 20 days of 2 minutes each to manage their journey to the mine and back home to Apache Junction. They can choose from 3 paths with different risks, planning for weather changes and focusing on the optimal use of resources. We have a detailed scenario available for you to read as well.

Debriefing Dutchman to Improve Organizational Effectiveness:

The Expedition Leader/Facilitator has many choices as to debriefing and can readily link the behaviors in the exercise to situations for workplace improvement. The debriefing makes this exercise truly unique and extremely powerful as a tool for change and improvement. Often discussed is how this game parallels the need for leadership, clear missions and visions, and issues of teamwork and collaboration.

Read More on Debriefing.

The simulation has been continuously improved, with worldwide clients in all sorts of industries and situations. A client list is available on this website, as well as testimonials. Follow the lead of organizations such as Microsoft, Michelin, 20th Century Fox, Mayo Clinic, Luxottica Retail, Bank of Montreal and hundreds of others who continue to feature this proven team exercise in their training.

Dutchman is a dynamic half-day program that allows ample time for debriefing. It forms a strong base for a full day or multiple day training or leadership session because of its energy and wonderful metaphors.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Internationally Applauded. Fun to deliver!

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