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Testimonials for The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

Solomon Salvis, Chief Executive Officer, EduRiser Learning Solutions (P)Ltd.

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LDGM is a Great Game! I had the chance to run Lost Dutchman for the first time after seeing your presentation in Mumbai in December. I just delivered a brilliant program for UK based firm for 18 participants. It was engaging and lots of fun, went very smoothly and we got excellent feedback for the program. And of course we will get repeat programs, which will be great for them and profitable for us.

It was a wonderful feeling to deliver such a power packed program with power-packed debrief. It clearly shows the benefits of making learning and organizational development fun by using interactive training exercises like yours.

Aki Protopapas, Athens, Greece (Corporate, Trainer)

A ton of Gold in Value!

Greatest value of the game is its flexibility and the ease in which it engages participants. Suitable for virtually any training objective since the feedback options are limitless and through the group dynamics any issue can be tackled from role conflict to leadership vacuum to poor communication patterns. Dutchman is also flexible in terms of adjusting to crowd size and time constraints. All in all a great (and fun!) tool for any trainer or company!

Robin Speculand from Singapore (Strategy Implementation Specialist)

I have been using the Lost Dutchman for 15 years and it never fails as a business simulation to stimulate the participants and create excellent learning. Its close link to business reality makes it a winner as well as the energy it creates. I have run in at 8 pm at night after a full day and the energy is just as good as at 8 am.

Key uses are for implementation of strategy, communication among teams, understanding indicators and ROI.

Michael Brown, Orange County, CA (Educator, Trainer)

A Dynamic and Interactive Simulation!

This simulation is the most effective exercise to aid organizations, associations, and companies to maximize their competencies in the following areas: Team building, Leadership, Planning, Time Management, Utilization of scarce resources and most importantly COLLABORATION.

Micky, Raleigh, NC (Trainer)

I love this team process tool!

This product is an essential resource for any team builder's tool kit. Experientially based, it encompasses just about every process issue a team encounters: planning, communication, risk taking, decision making, competition and collaboration just to name a few. It's one of my favorite team process tools!

Paul the Downunder Expedition Leader, Sydney, NSW, Australia (Corporate)

Dear prospector-would like to share with you how we have enjoyed outstanding success with 'the Dutchman' in our Australian Tier One telecommunications provider. We initially piloted the activity across 30 senior managers as an icebreaker to a two-day strategic conference. Outcome? The activity highlighted how much we could improve through better collaboration, teamwork & communication via a competitive, high-energy experiential exercise. We have now purchased a second kit and adapted it as our innovative cultural alignment exercise across 600 customer service people to allow them to live & breathe the impacts of ownership, teamwork & communication with incredible success. Highly recommended. Feel free to contact me.

SDITRAINS from ILLINOIS (College/University, Corporate Trainer)


Simply Superb! We use this program all over the country with our clients and it is ALWAYS rated as one of the best programs delivered. Works in all types of companies and drives organizations toward Collaboration and Teamwork! The debrief options allow you to fully customize the delivery to any audience. Well designed and easy to deliver. That, combined with all of the knowledge and support of Dr. Scott, and you have the best Team Building simulation out there...BAR NONE.

Rares Manolescu from Bucharest, Romania (Trainer)

Dutchman Rules!

I'm using The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Goldmine exercise for six years and I'm as happy as I was in the beginning. The game is easy to use and it always ends up by challenging the participants' frame of reference regarding team cooperation and synergy. .

Scott, congratulations for your work and thank you for your cooperation and support in helping us develop the Romanian version of the game.

Andy M., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Trainer)

It's rare to find a simulation that works well with small groups (ex. 8 participants) as well as with with groups of over 100 participants. It's an excellent simulation for stressing the importance of planning, collaboration and communication. It's a great team-building exercise and easy to learn and facilitate. We've used it 9 or 10 times over the last 24 months, with groups of various sizes (8 to 130) and have not really found any downsides to the simulation.

Patti Greer, Virginia Beach, VA (Government, Non Profit)

Great Tool to Use with Teams!

We use this as both a customized course for specific departments and for open enrollment classes. Classes rank this as being one of the best hands on tools allowing participants to experience topic prior to debrief and driving home an idea or concept. Very flexible and can help with multiple topic areas. Well worth the investment!

Sandy Larrison, Plano, Texas (Educator, Government, Non Profit Trainer)

Easy to Facilitate! Great Deliveries!

Broad Appeal, Easy to Use, Fun to use, Good Value, Innovative, Promotes participation, Reliable Information, Well-made for Team Building, Strategic Planning, Decision Making, Value of all resources.

Jay, Bangalore, India (Human Resources)

Great Team Building Tool.

I have used the LDGM numerous times and I love it.

Herb from Jacksonville, Florida (Corporate, Human Resources)

Best "Learning Game" I have ever used...

We purchased this product for an offsite meeting to discuss Resource allocation and Collaboration. The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine was a breeze to facilitate. The participants loved it and more importantly walked away with lessons that they were immediately able to apply back at the office. The slides and materials allow you to guide the group in almost any direction imaginable. I am still getting comments weeks after the session about the impact it made on the business and the improved performance. A small investment that generates huge results.

Aspen Business Group from Glenwood Springs, CO (Corporate Trainer)

Outstanding Results!

I use this product to help build successful teams. The lesson taught is one no one will ever forget. I have used this program a number of times and have always gotten great results. You will love it!

JC Friis from Denmark (Corporate, Human Resources)

Works good in Denmark!

Dutchman motivates people.

Andi from London, UK (Trainer)

Great activity: used over and over again.

I have used this activity time and time again in courses on teamwork, virtual teams and effective collaboration. It is easy to understand, quick to set up and provides always more review material than there is time for. A great design which is complex in dynamics yet simple in the management of the process.

TH, from Sydney Australia (Corporate, Human Resources)

I stumbled on Lost Dutchman some years ago and after quite a lot of research invested in the package. I'm very pleased I did and it has become a very useful tool in my range of professional development offerings. I've used it with Corporate, Government and Education markets.

The Gold is in the debriefing that you do after the exercise and if I had any criticism of the product, it would be that you are given so many options and alternatives for this, it can be difficult at first honing in on the best approach to take. However, each time you run the simulation, you will get better and better and experienced facilitators will have no problem getting quickly up to speed...


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