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This is about ideas for Engagimentation!

Roughly 50% of any workforce is not fully engaged or motivated. This article share some details and perspective on how to dis-un-engage and dis-un-empower the people in the middle who offer you the greatest performance improvement potential. We discuss causal factors and share some ideas and tools for motivation, engagement, impact and improvement as well as how to implement change.

X-Teams and Improving Team Performance

Maximum team effectiveness comes from aligning people to work together on shared common goals and providing them with the information and resources to get things done.

Teaching The Caterpillar to Fly

This is the main theme of many of Scott's presentations on managing and leading change. The basic theme is that everyone has the potential to change,but they may not have the awareness. One cannot force change; change must be supported and encouraged.This article talks about the paradoxes of managing and leading the change effort for individuals and groups. It discusses many of the main exercises in the workshop presentation and is Scott’s best work, in his estimation.

It is also available in an Asian and an A4 paper version.

Managing The Mud, for continuous continuous improvement

Managing Mud is a very common situation for most of us, since the mud impacts us personally as well as bogging down the performance of people around us in the workplace. So many things around us can muddy up our opportunities for better performance. This article is about a direct approach and some simple exercises and tools you can use to help yourself as well as to help others.This is a handout from organizational improvement workshops, written as an article and training toolkit.

Interdepartmental Collaboration’s Vital Link
to Organizational Profitability

-- This is an article that appeared in HR Magazine --

Abstract –Improving inter-organizational alliances and collaboration between naturally competing workgroups is a means of impacting profitability and improving innovation. Competition is a motivating factor in most organizations and is a good energizer until the competition begins to sub-optimize performance. Similarly, teamwork within an organization is good, until it slows or stops collaboration between different teams. We also know that most individuals and most teams do not take advantage of the support that already exists in organizations. The ideas is to engage and enlist people to choose to form alliances and improve performance are discussed.

Coaching and Parallels to Running Rapids

Running whitewater rapids in a kayak is a lot like coaching difficult performers. Sometimes the rapid is an easy one that you can just float through without a lot of preparation or observation. In other cases, where the water and the drop is a bit more difficult, it may make sense to get out of the boat, walk along the shore and take a look at what you are about to encounter so that you can plan a route through with the highest likelihood of success. In the case of very difficult whitewater, you may want to have a good deal of information about the situation available, have a plan for other observers to share their thoughts on how to succeed and even have a plan for someone to throw you a rope if things get really tight. And sometimes scouting that rapid is in order so that the difficulties can be avoided or responses can be planned.

Envolve, Engage and Enlist – Ideas for Workplace Improvement

This is an article that appeared in the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management’s pre-conference magazine. It outlined the approach that is contained in the bundle of materials in the Building Motivation toolkit

Building a High Performance Environment: Teamwork and Flow

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi put forth a model about improving individual performance that blends Challenge with Skills and helps anyone to frame a process for improving performance. My approach here is focused on optimizing team performance results and the idea is that we can improve performance by generating a positive and powerful mental state within an optimizing environment.The right combination of skill and challenge helps the individual (and the team) perform at high levels and we can use engagement and experiential exercises to accomplish much. Because of broad interest in this article,

we have produced an A4 version also.

Whitewater Rapid Rating Scale

Tactics for Facilitating Performance Improvement

Facilitating groups of people is a lot like river running: There’s need for a recognition of skills, a diagnosis of probable difficulties and a required plan of action in order to successfully get through the situation upright and only a little wet! Here is a simple framework for aligning the challenges of working in groups with those of getting downstream successfully. First, I’ll define a whitewater condition and then compare it with the same level of group facilitation. Recognize that anyone can be an effective facilitator, be it a team leader working with his peers on the shop floor or a Most Senior Manager leading a discussion session to those people who actually get paid to do this professionally. Guaranteed to get you thinking…

In The Beginning

This is a colorful story about the process of defining a mission statement, from the initial reaction of the front line employees through the middle managers and to the senior people. Like many communications like this, we find that things get filtered and reframed a little.

Regular and A4 versions are available

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